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Deborah Clague, Creative Consultant / Designer / Owner, Oblada Creative

Deborah Clague, Creative Consultant / Designer / Owner, Oblada Creative

I've always found solace with a no.2 pencil and a piece of paper. Whether drawing rudimentary portraits of my family in grade school or writing embarrassing poetry as a teen, these tools have acted as a conduit for me to express myself and unleash my creativity on the world. 

Through practice, persistence and sheer determination, I’ve managed to parlay my craft and the skills I’ve honed into a career in the field of design. Over the past two decades, I've worked in both the private and public sectors in advertising and education, started a creative services boutique (Oblada Creative), and have had my work awarded, published and exhibited internationally. I now consider myself an idea architect and a visual engineer.

In addition to visual art, I also enjoy writing and use the journal on this site to record the narrative of my life. This includes heavy nostalgia, recipes, and a copious amount of photos of my doggo (Monty). I also have a page to celebrate my best friend—my father—whom I lost in 2014 to esophageal cancer.

The tools I use may have evolved from pencil and paper to instruments of the digital age, but the essence of honest expression has remained the same. I believe that art should be personal but share an experience that is universal. 

I feel that the influential role of designers and writers has the ability to empower, leverage and revolutionize all by transforming the simple to the sublime. I am greatly inspired by my travels; street art and the gallery of the urban landscape influence everything I do.

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2019 RGD In-House Design Award of Distinction (Saskatchewan Polytechnic Indigenous Student Success Strategy “miyo wahkohtowin”).

2017 Saskatchewan Polytechnic Outstanding Service award.

2017 CCAE Prix D'Excellence, Silver, Best PR/Marketing/Communications Initiative (Saskatchewan Polytechnic Aboriginal Student Success campaign). Role: art/creative direction and design.  

2016 Redgee Best in Region, Manitoba/Saskatchewan/Nunavut (Saskatchewan Polytechnic Viewbook 2017/18). 

• 2016 Graphis Silver Award, Annual Report compilation (SIAST 2011-2012 Annual Report "Impact")

2015 Graphis Gold Award, 2016 Poster Annual ("Portrait of Vladimir Putin")

2015 Graphis Silver Award, 2016 Poster Annual ("Carpe Diem")

2015 Graphis Silver Award, 2016 Poster Annual ("Big Fish Haul")

2015  Redgee Award, Manitoba/Saskatchewan/Nunavut region (Saskatchewan Polytechnic Strategic Plan "Tomorrow in the Making"); best print marketing piece and honourable mention best overall design piece for the region.

2014  IABC Gold Quill Award of Excellence, Division 3: Communication Skills, Category 33: Publications (SIAST 2014-2015 Recruitment Viewbook, "Go!"). Role: art/creative direction and design.

2014  Graphis Merit Award, 2015 Poster Annual ("Let Them Eat Cake").

2013  UCDA Award of Excellence, Print (SIAST 2011-2012 Annual Report, "Impact").

2012  Elevators Award, Annual Report Under 10K (SIAST 2010-2011 Annual Report, "Driving Economic Growth"). 

2012  Sask ACE Award of Excellence for Communication Creative (SIAST "Life is Multiple Choice and We Have the Answer Key"). Role: creative direction.



DesignThinkers Conference, Toronto, Ontario. An exhibition of winning pieces from the RGD In-House Design Awards (2019).

UCDA Design Show, Louisville, Kentucky, USA. An exhibition focusing on excellence in post-secondary design (2013).

Peace Signs: Posters Of The Anti-War Movement. An international travelling art exhibit focusing on posters from the war in Iraq, uncensored, political and thought-provoking (2004). 

• Little Pieces, New Wagner Gallery, Edwardsville, Illinois, USA. An art exhibition focusing on international contemporary design (2001). 



Public Relations Writing: Strategies and Structures by Doug Newsom and Jim Haynes (2016). Case study of project featured. 

• DesignEdge Canada (May/June 2015). Design work featured. 

What Happens in Vietnam…, Designer Magazine (Winter 2015). Authorship and photography for an article about deployment to Vietnam. 

Love Letter To Japan, Designer Magazine (Summer 2013). Authorship and photography for an article about finding creative inspiration in Tokyo. 

SIAST in Vietnam, Partners Magazine (Spring 2012). Photography. 

That Skating Rink in the Dark, Winnipeg Life Magazine (Winter 2004). Illustration. 

Peace Signs: The Anti-War Movement Illustrated by James Mann (Edition Olms Zurich, 2004). Design and illustration of several posters.