I Need to Stop Leading a Boring Life.

The makers of the blanket for people who don't know how to use a regular blanket are coming out with a canine version. I present to thee, the Snuggie for Dogs:

Holy shit! I can't stop watching. The dog at 1:04 is the fiercest bitch I've ever seen. Look at that pose...she's smiling with her eyes! It would be a travesty if Anna Wintour didn't put her on the cover of Vogue. If the Snuggie dogs were to ever do an infomercial with the Slap Chop guy, I think my head would explode from the awesomeness.

When I'm weary, feeling small, these 3 minute (or less) bursts of Velveeta sunshine renew my faith that there is an art to advertising. I dare anyone to watch the following commercial and not be utterly mesmerized by the Buscemi-esque delivery of some truly epic, memorable copy: 

However, for every Guernica, there is this or *shudder* this.