Today marked the last time I would measure picas and ponder Pantone chips as a member of the TARGETmedia team. Founded in 2004 by Richard Ellis and Ed Zamkotowich, the specialized advertising agency focused on what was once a burgeoning recruitment sector offering creative marketing solutions to many of Manitoba's top employers. Sadly, it has now become yet another statistic of the recession (one that has been particularly unkind to those in media and related satellite industries). 

I worked closely with the firm since conception developing all marketing materials, consulting on effective B2B communication methods, researching industry-specific trends and advising on successful brand implementation. Through our collective drive, determination and individual talents, we built TARGETmedia into a palpable contender in the local market, liberating customers from the archaic strategies used by competing agencies. High client retention was the greatest measure of our success but the most personal satisfaction came from forming strong friendships with clients and co-workers alike. 

Our last get-together as work associates was a bittersweet affair. I am saddened at the end of an era which was truly enriching in every facet of the word. There aren't many employers that give carte-blanche to their talent; with the added perk of working from a home office, my entire tenure was an exceptional rarity. However, I am also excited at the possibilities that lie ahead. At the crossroads awaits a future that is boundless by occupation or geography. It's time for a sea change. 

To everyone at TARGETmedia - we have a lot to be proud of. It has been my utmost pleasure collaborating with you over the years and I wish you all nothing but the best. May the wind always be at your back. May the road rise up to meet you.