Air Canada is A**tastic

Google "Air Canada sucks" and you get 352,000 results. Google "Air Canada is asstastic" and you get two (hopefully three after I hit 'publish'). It is my ploy for this post to not get buried in cyberspace, thus begins my rant on the most arrogant company I have ever had the displeasure of doing business with.

I've always wanted to travel to Japan but the cost has been prohibitive. One day last spring while deciding upon my next destination, I curiously checked the air fare to Narita and was surprised; it was at the lowest price I'd ever seen, so I decided to take advantage of it and book immediately. I would have been content to sit and wait for my departure date to arrive, but Air Canada's ill-conceived marketing strategy of informing people who've already booked their vacations that fares are now cheaper has left me livid. 

I completely understand that air fares fluctuate - it's rare for two individuals sitting next to each other on a plane to have paid the same amount - but last week I received an e-mail detailing the new rate for Narita (same date/flight #) at a price significantly lower than what I had paid. And this morning I received another e-mail in which the fare decreased further ($500 less than the amount I had paid in the Spring). I never knowingly or willfully signed up for these notifications. Since Air Canada doesn't plan on reimbursing me the difference or upgrading me in some fashion, I can't comprehend why I'm receiving them. Offended by this proverbial slap in the face, I wrote to the beleaguered airline to complain about this practice. They wrote:

"Sometimes when passengers see these types of specials they are able to consider inviting friends and family along with them."

So basically, Air Canada is so desperate for money that they will risk pissing off current clientele just to make a quick buck. Nice. Compare that to Westjet's model of service: they will refund/give credit to travelers who've experienced a price difference (thus ensuring repeat business). Not to mention, I will never forget how I was treated by them last year after being stranded at YVR. But most importantly, they do not bite the hand that feeds them by foolishly taunting paying customers.