This is amazing!

Took Reg to Assiniboine Park the other day to watch 'Dreams & Rumors' at The Lyric (Fleetwood Mac cover band). Their performance was great and they managed to draw the biggest crowd I've seen at the outdoor theatre in awhile. How awesome would it be to collect a paycheque for mimicking Stevie Nicks? I think I've found my new career path. I can move like a whirling dervish and I already own an abundance of scarves. 

Going to Grand Forks in a few weeks to *cough* catch the Britney Spears concert *cough*. Ahem...and was researching what else there is to do that weekend besides overspend at the Super Target. I got a chuckle out of this for more than a few reasons, but mostly because of the repeated warnings that Columbia Mall is a family-friendly environment and secondly, at their own suggestion to replicate the look from the "Get Naked" song. I bet bikini waxers in the area have already seen business increase ten-fold. 

Googled "affordable Vancouver homes" and came across www.affordablevancouverhomes.com. My delight soon turned to nausea when I read the first, most "affordable" listing: $578,000 for a 915 sq.ft. condo. Good thing my car is roomy...I have a feeling I will be living out of it if I relocate there. 

I want this sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad. I cringe that I'm on the verge of becoming one of those nerds that sits outside the Best Buy overnight just to get a videogame. 

I give a hug to thee, Verdana. Who knew a typeface could elicit such rancor?