I am currently reading 'No Opportunity Wasted', a guide to living life to the fullest by Phil Keoghan (best known as host of The Amazing Race). I bought it at a book signing several years ago but never got around to actually perusing it. As fate would have it though, a perfect storm has created a need in my life for change and I am now willing to embrace whatever pearls of wisdom are presented. Phil himself told me to "think now" - a canned comment that was surely whispered to thousands of others - but I plan on taking it to heart. This guy has uncovered a career niche wherein other people pay for him to travel the world. He's a god amongst men and his advice should be treated as gospel.  

The first chapter asks readers to recall their most immortal memories; moments that have transcended the ordinary to become legend. It got me thinking. What moments have provided temporary bliss whilst on this mortal coil? What moments best encapsulate my id? Most involve getting lost.

Lost in the moment. Lost in someone's eyes. Literally lost in a metropolis maze. 

Who needs a compass to navigate when primal instinct is so much more accurate? I look forward to finding myself again over the next few months.