Dancing in the Street

It's 2:00am on a Sunday morning and I can't fall asleep. The cappuccino I foolishly consumed a few hours ago has left me with the hippie hippie shakes, and I am now forced to find an alternative form of entertainment to my regularly scheduled dreamscape. Which leads me to Youtube, probably the greatest time waster ever created (next to the Rubik's Cube and learning French). A little Bowie is always good. And Bowie dueting with Mick Jagger should theoretically be the most epic thing ever, right? Almost. It's 2:00am on a Sunday morning and I can't stop laughing at this video:

I think the art projects I created in elementary school had a higher budget than this. Unless all the money was diverted by way of Columbia...which would explain everything from Bowie's pajamas to Jagger's own hippie hippie shakes. For goodness sakes though, these guys will never not be cool! 1:52 - 1:58 is my new raison d'etre. Good music videos end with pop culture resonance. Great music videos end with a butt shot. 

It's 2:00am on a Sunday morning. And I'm about to hit repeat.