Fast asleep. Dreaming of florescent lights and crazy Tokyo nights, when suddenly the room starts shaking. Ever so slightly, but enough to wake me from slumber and imbue a sense of mortality. I was experiencing my first earthquake!

My first thought was: "on the 14th floor, there's nowhere to go but down."

My second thought was: "getting crushed by a giant neon Sony sign would be the ultimate post-modern poetic death. A 21st century cautionary tale warning about the dangers of conspicuous consumption that would take it's place amongst the folklore of future civilization." 

15 seconds later, it was over. A non-event that no one but I (born and raised far from any active tectonic plates) probably noticed. I fell asleep again, but awoke three hours later hungry for a cheeseburger. Later in the day, I would discover Lotteria.