- Life is random. And so is www.chatroulette.com I read a lot of news articles on this anti-social networking tool this morning and had to check it out for myself. Holy bananas, is this website nuts!!! Part of me is recoiling in horror, the other half is admittedly intrigued - it's basically an online version of russian roulette with fewer bullets and slightly less innocence. It's the reason Al Gore invented the internet in the first place; the ultimate unfiltered social barometer, humanity at it's best/worst. 

Chatroulette.com enables you to videochat with someone selected entirely by luck of the draw. They might want to chat about world events, they might want to chat about their love of cheese. They may like to wear Hawaiian shirts, they may like to wear considerably less. You control who you talk to by clicking "next". As an example, here is a random sampling of people I encountered in my first 30 seconds:

- Teenage boy
- "Boobs for Haiti" sign
- Roomful of 20-somethings having a party
- Bored Eastern European female searching for a husband
- Hairy, naked dude 

It takes a mighty heart (and stomach) to get in the game. How brave are you to play Chat Roulette?