"An Animal Is Just An Animal" PART I

'Your Weekly Monty' is momentarily interrupted. The poor wee guy is sick, feverish and currently in care. I may be committed also, as paying the bill is surely going to illicit a heart attack. So grab the defibrillator ...I may not make it out of this post alive. 

A healthy puppy is an active puppy. When Monty returned from doggie daycare last Thursday, he was (as usual) a tired pooch. This was no surprise. But when his lethargy extended into Friday...and then Saturday, I became worried. In addition to inactivity, there was also loss of appetite. My intuition told me to seek immediate care. After-hours on the weekend, there are few options available, which is why I was happy to be in the same city as the world-class veterinary clinic located at the University of Saskatchewan. They offer 24/7 service. They offer a gold standard of care. However, I didn't know that upon departure I would be sick to my stomach. 

After being granted entrance, I made my way through the empty waiting room to speak to the receptionist. Her first words weren't "hello" or "how can I help you?"...no, she immediately turned to the student intern who would be examining Monty and stated "there goes my break". I'm always offended by terrible customer service, but reconsidered my stance for this unique situation: she WAS trying to read a 2-month old copy if InStyle Magazine...Jennifer Aniston's love life (or lack thereof) IS wholly more important than admitting a sick patient promptly. 

After being led to a backroom, the student intern went over Monty's medical history. Up-to-date with all shots and with no prior history of illness, I addressed my concerns that he may have picked something up at doggie daycare or was having a difficult time digesting his first bone (which was given to him earlier in the week). Both of these "amateur" theories were glossed over and a series of scientific tests were suggested. It was also advised that Monty stay in care at the U of S until at least Monday when the first series of tests would reveal their results. An initial estimate of $700-$900 was provided and I signed off on it. Monty WAS in the care of a world class facility after all. If the U of S couldn't make him better, no one could. 

Or not. 

to be continued...