How Conference Notes Day 1:

- First off, I gotta say, Chi-Town is AWESOME! The people here are really friendly. Like, Canadian-friendly. I feel very much at home.
- The Opening Keynote was not what I expected...but it did demonstrate the importance of carrying breathmints at all times.
- Eighteen months ago I visited Japan and got to see QR Codes for the first time; if this conference (and the people marketing their products at it) are any indication, these things will become increasingly important in strategy. After all, the future is mobile.
- Swag is always awesome...but the following companies really stood out at the Resource Centre: Finch Paper (awesome posters and Kanye glasses); Yupo Synthetic Paper (best paper books, hands down); Domtar (can a bunch of hipster designers turn the lynx into the next wolf-esque t-shirt superstar?); I've been thinking about creating a book of my travel photos on Blurb...and now I can do so for free! Mega awesome; and, my father is totally going to hang that foil Porsche portrait from Finlay in his garage. It's marinated in awesome sauce.

Seeing as I've reached my daily quota for saying "awesome", I will write more tomorrow.