The Labour Day Classic Tailgate Party

On Sunday I made the 2.5 hour drive to Regina, not for the legendary football game itself, but rather the legendary tailgate party. It was a cultural mosaic of Labatt's drinkers vs. Pilsner chuggers, a sea of emerald green awash with some of the best costumes I've seen this side of Halloween. My father, a devout Bombers fan, joined me becoming the target of more than a few good-natured taunts and Monty in his wee Rider jersey could be a popular mascot should something happen to Gainer during hunting season. No matter what side your allegiance stood, in the end a good time was had by all...except those losers from "Swaggerville".  

Bring on the Banjo Bowl!

Crowds enroute to Labour Day Classic: 

Monty and I in front of Mosaic Stadium: 

Winnipeg's Golden Boy has really let himself go: 

This dude has swagger:

The Joker makes an appearance: 

One of two Gumby™ costumes I saw: 

Rider fans cross paths with similarly dressed Bomber fans: 

Police watch over "Swaggerville" residents: