Hurricane Sandy

I was slated to return to Canada on Sunday, October 28. Heading to the airport, I observed that the weather wasn't too bad and that flights were still soaring off into the skies. I was confident that I would be watching reports of Hurricane Sandy from home on my couch in my Snuggie the next day. However, at approximately 2:00pm, I was informed that my flight was cancelled. I asked to be put on stand-by (which never happened) and was handed a sheet by Air Canada with hotels in the area: 

Love the giant "F*$# You" in Sharpie. 

But more problematic after I received this, was that none of the phone numbers actually worked. The only message I received was that the numbers were not in service. The Air Canada reservations line redirected me to use their website; they must really hate human-to-human commuication, eh? I've never been to New York before, had no idea what was near LaGuardia airport (I barely knew north from south) and had an impending SuperStorm™ to worry about. After talking to a non-Air Canada airport employee, I started phoning other hotels in the general area and finally found one in Flushing, Queens that had a room available. 

By the time I got to the hotel, all of the restaurants in the immediate area were closing. People who know me, know I LOVE Target and now I can say it is honestly my salvation as it was the only thing open where I could get food for the next few days. Shelves were nearly picked clean with people in a frenzy to stock up with last minute supplies. I stockpiled fruit, yogurt, water, chips and Hostess cakes. Didn't say it was all healthy food, it was what was available. And I actually like Hostess cakes. 

I hunkered down for the evening, waiting for Sandy's full impact to hit the next evening. be continued.