China Gallery Updated

I've been going through all of my old SD cards, reliving travel memories and rediscovering some of the images in my archives. One of my favorite excursions was backpacking throughout China in 2007. I took over 800 images and have updated my online gallery to the best 34 that hopefully give a good sense of time, place and people. 

You can view the updated gallery by clicking here

At the Forbidden City, Beijing: 

Tour buses pack up one of many parking lots at Badaling (Great Wall of China): 

Lost in translation - signage at the Great Wall of China: 

KFC Mr. Lee's Noodle House, Beijing: 

Unless you visit, you cannot fully comprehend how many people live in the major cities of Asia. This scene depicts Saturday afternoon shopping in Chengdu, China, a lesser known city primarily known for it's panda reserve:

Working class resident of Shanghai: 

This is one of my favorite rediscovered images showcasing the modern metropolis of Shanghai: