Oblada: a decade ago

I was reminiscing about various things yesterday and thought I would look up my old website on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine

I had a lot of fun designing this back in 2003. It was my primary introduction to potential clients; within a year, I left my full-time agency gig to start my own creative services "boutique". Working from home and doing what I love, often in sweatpants, was nothing short of living the dream. 

I wanted my site to be like a book and had a splash landing page acting as a cover...which is where my logo was. Yikes at it not being featured anywhere here! I don't think SEO was a thing back then (if it were, I wasn't paying attention) which is why I made all of my links graphics that incorporated elementary rollover tecniques. Style was still very much me though. Street art and the gallery of the urban landscape still very much influence everything I do.