Bathroom Reno

My bathroom renovation is finally done!!! Or at least 97% done*. As this is my first home and the first time I've gotten to use my living space as a true blank canvas, I'm quite proud of my work (and my dad's hard labour). Who knew that in my 30s I'd get excited about a faucet? Here is a before-and-after: 

The picture on the left was taken when I viewed the property. The picture on the right is how it looks today. The only thing that remained is the vanity itself, modernized with contemporary handles. Everything else was trashed...especially the toilet seat made out of Pinocchio. Flooring transitioned from low-end gray laminate to vinyl plank in African Darkwood, countertop is "Tatami Wasabi" by Arborite, the new mirror was a lucky find in the clearance aisle of HomeSense (perfect size and matches floor), towel rack and "Trones" storage unit from IKEA. The waterfall faucet, my favorite upgrade, is a work of art; I've wasted a lot of water as it's so soothing just to watch it trickle down from the spout. *The only things remaining are upgrading my lighting to something more modern and a new door, just because. 

I even bought all new towels as I noticed Pantone is whoring themselves out to the homewares market now. Not sure how many people outside of the design community know what Pantone is, but whatever - they are soft and fluffy. 

There's still, regrettably, a lot of late 80s "dusty rose" colouring in the rest of my unit but it will soon be gone too. I've dropped a lot of other things and am focusing on making my condo the ultimate art/design project.