Oblada Vintage

I've been updating my portfolio the last while and came across some pieces I designed/illustrated that I haven't seen in ages. Like this Marilyn Monroe typographic illustration (circa 2003). Typography is one of my main interests of practice right now (in addition to emerging technologies like augmented reality). I'm not particularly fond of this illustration as I feel it's a bit pedestrian in execution, but I would like to revisit the concept and do an updated series: 

Then there's this campaign for Winnipeg's Millennium Library (circa 2007) that was developed in collaboration with Peter Skakum and Carol Marshall of Tangent Strategies. It included transit advertising, direct-mail, brochures and more with the sole intent of generating financial donations in order to buy more books to fill the shelves with new worlds of imagination. We had a lot of fun creating this (but it also helped to have a client that was completely open to anything). The campaign was so popular that an auction was held for the in-branch banners that were located at all #YWG library branches. My favorite of the seven-part series was always the Paris Hilton heiress one. It's like a timecapsule of 2007. I still like the concept (would tweak aspects of the design if redoing today) and it's one of my favorite portfolio pieces.