Stuck in the Middle

I'm originally from Winnipeg. I spent most of my 20s devising a plan to get out of it. I have spent the first few years of my fourth decade on the planet looking forward to returning (only for brief visits though…I haven't changed that much).

I recently ordered this book online after following Bryan Scott's work for years on the WinnipegLoveHate blog. He manages to capture my hometown in a way that is thoughtful, striking and evokes long dormant emotions for a place that I once thought was just a transitory backdrop to my existence, but has turned out to emanate itself from my very being. One never truly leaves. Bryan's work inspired me to document my new home of Saskatoon with the Streetsof#YXE project.

I'm entering a period of my life where I crave the familiar. Where I dream of walking down those snow-covered streets and everything being as it were, frozen in time. I'm old enough now to realize that one can only follow their trajectory through the universe and not control it. I may never return, but this book gives me all the comforts of home that I need. Highly recommended, whether you enjoy photography, architecture or urban issue analysis. 


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