The Life & Times of Marie Antoinette: An Infographic

I like to think I have a life plan that is attainable. 

I want to buy an apartment in Paris. Preferably the latin quarter.

I want to rent that apartment in Paris in the latin quarter to tourists, artists, lovers, those who are lost and those who will eventually find themselves as in love with the city of light as I am.

Then I want to move to Paris when my life savings merit it. I will live in that apartment in the latin quarter displacing any tourists, artists and lovers residing there to some other shelter in the city. I will first change the sheets. 

I will need a job. 

I don't speak French well. 

I am currently taking a university course on French history. 

I will use the knowledge gained through this to transition my career from artsy-fartsy type to English-speaking tour guide in French-speaking Paris. I will use the skills I honed in my first life as a designer to create supplementary materials similar to what I've developed below, an infographic on the life and times of Marie Antoinette. People will appreciate this. There will be word-of-mouth. I will be successful. I will live the rest of my life in Parisian joie de vivre. I will die from eating too many eclairs. It will have been worth it.



I'll probably die in Saskatchewan. In the winter. After choking on a tidbit from Tims. 


Download the full-size version here