Natural One

As a teenager, I would record songs off the radio onto cassette tape. Quality was always shite (especially if I couldn't manage to escape the commercials or the DJ's shrill voiceovers), however, it was more practical than throwing my allowance away on CDs every time an ear worm infested itself in me. The 90s were the era of the Macarena after all - although I'm proud to note that particular parasite never got to me. 

This song in particular was one I always coveted. They would only play it after 10:00 pm during DJ Brian Cook's more "indie"-friendly set on Winnipeg's 92 CITI, a rock station clearly aiming for the record of playing the most Guns-n-Roses tracks in a single day (still). It took quick action to capture it. After I did, it became my teenage soundtrack for awhile. Great beat. Hasn't aged.

I eventually bought the CD: