What It Is

There's a stack of books sitting on my living room floor. Mostly art and design-related, with a few on the subject of dealing with grief and belief systems pertaining to the afterlife. They've been there since Spring. I only move them when I vacuum. They get upgraded to my bookshelf once read but this can take awhile. 

I have a serious problem buying books and then letting them sit for months (occasionally, years) before I am fully ready to open their covers and immerse myself into their worlds. It's not for lack of interest but rather an abundance of. When reading a good book, I want the moment to linger. I give weight to every sentence. Life to every metaphor. Imagine how long it takes me to get through a truly great book. This is a truly GREAT book: 

It's not a children's book, but every page is lavishly illustrated. 

It's not a how-to manual, although it does provide ample advice and inspiration. 

It's not something to read; it's something to experience. An exploration of life, the creative process and breaking free from monotony. Lynda Barry is an author, artist, mage. 

Highly recommended; buy "What It Is" here