Chicago Vignette no.5

After taking an architectural boat tour of Chicago: 

"I cannot believe how beautiful the architecture is here. Wow! Just like you said, Deb, everything feels larger-than-life. The entire city is a work of art."

After sharing some photos I'd taken of Chicago:

"Wow, Deb! I love your photography. You have an eye for capturing things in a way that others don't see. You're so artistic … I wish I had that talent."

After visiting The Art Institute of Chicago: 

"This was one of THE greatest days of my life, Deb. Wow! I can't believe I was in the presence of so many great, historic paintings. I think I'm going to come back tomorrow. This is way more interesting than looking at buildings all day. These are actual masterpieces. There's so much to explore. I went through every gallery … except for photography. That's not real art."