1. No changing tramps

2. No tag

3. No fooling around of any kind will be tolerated. 

4. Only one person per tramp. 

- The Management - 

I think I'm about four-years-old in this picture. It was taken at a trampoline park in Killarney, Manitoba. This was prior to my first visit to Disneyworld and I couldn't anticipate nor imagine anything exceeding the fun I had here. My parents bought me a small trampoline - the size and type of which Jane Fonda probably used in one of her iconic fitness videos - but it was nothing like the dozen or so here. They were massive in my eyes. And extra super bouncy! 

I grew up without brothers and sisters to enjoy this revelry with, unfortunately, but my father was always game. He was a kid at heart, attempting to defy gravity along with me. Excursions to the trampoline park eventually became excursions to the arcade; travelling to Disneyworld eventually became travelling THE world. My life is rich with extraordinary experiences and cherished memories because of this man. He was "Super Dad". 

I miss him so much.