ROK Checklist:

Over the past few weeks, I've been finalizing arrangements for my trip to the Republic of Korea which will kick off the Year of Adventure™ I aim to have, living life to the fullest while celebrating the unbounded spirit of my late, beloved father. There are many things I want to do during my brief time there … and many items that I feel are essential to making it an enjoyable holiday. Including: 

Travel journal to record my thoughts. Illustrated by Gustove Doré. Selected based upon the experiences of the day: 

Reading material: 

Sleeping pills. There is a 24-hr food market a few blocks away from my hotel that should keep me occupied while I adjust to the 15 hour time difference. If required, these will aid the process. 

Imodium. There is a 24-hr food market a few blocks away from my hotel that should keep me occupied as I partake in a quest to sample every dish of Korean street food. Including things I can't identify. Including things I CAN identify and still willingly choose to indulge in. 

Western snacks. It's been my experience that eastern junk food is not as stupendously sweet as its western counterpart. Two weeks doesn't seem like a long time, but I am not willing to go through the withdrawal.   

One Million dollars. Or, more accurately, Won. The conversion equals approximately one thousand in Canadian funds. I still feel baller though. 

I'm nearly set. Let the countdown begin...