Recommended: Instagram Artists

Growing up, there weren't a lot of avenues to express myself as a budding artist. The internet was in its infancy and social media was a good decade away. Rather, my "audience" consisted of those who sat next to me in class and teachers who took notice of the ever more elaborate doodles that accompanied my homework assignments. This is all it took at the time though; those same individuals were the ones to guide me into a profession that would best allow my talent to flourish. 

Today, Instagram is the perfect tool to build that base to exposure. I often marvel at the work I encounter on it. In between food porn, memes and pictures of adorable puppies, my Instagram feed is also full of doodle art by upcoming female illustrators. They are inspiring in their honesty. vulnerability and skill to narrate visually what it's like to be a single, modern female during an era where we STILL have to fight for equality (and also fend off fuckboys). I admire their hustle in using social platforms to build a following and a business. I feel like the next Lynda Barry is just getting started here. 

I recommend the following: