3 Nights 'til Halloween

I have never personally seen a ghost, but I am quite open to the belief of their existence. Several people in my circle who would never, EVER admit to seeing one have confided about paranormal experiences that they have no logical explanation for. One tale involves a notoriously haunted church in St. Andrews, Manitoba.

Back in 1967, Donald* and several of his teenage cohorts decided (on a dare) to make their way to the church to possibly witness the strange phenomena firsthand. After entering late at night to nothing more than empty pews, the boys eased their fears by cracking jokes and engaging in adolescent mischief...but the jovial atmosphere was shortlived. The sound of footsteps emanated from the stairwell near the only door. Creeping closer, the group of teenage boys made a dash for the exit but as they did so, a "haze" filled the air which was later described as "grayish-white" in appearance and "odorless". After safely exiting, they realized that a getaway would not be easy - all four tires on the automobile used to get to the church that dark, starless night were slashed. Cruel joke? Or just another haunting at St. Andrews parish? There are things in this universe that we as humans aren't meant to know. But we can believe.

*Name has been changed for privacy.