4 Nights 'til Halloween

I have always been somewhat of a night owl. I enjoy staying up until the wee hours of the morning reading a book or listening to the radio. One late-night program that I rarely miss is Coast-to-Coast AM. Hosted by George Noory, the talk show covers a variety of topics ranging from politics to the supernatural. For those less inclined to stay up until 5:00am, there is also a podcast available. 

Some of the best shows on Coast-to-Coast AM have to do with Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). EVP are speech or speech-like sounds that are inaudible during initial recording but detectable upon playback. One of the most interviewed guests on this fascinating subject are members of the Ghost Investigators Society. Listening to a few of the sample EVP recordings on their website is better than caffeine for keeping one wide awake...but side effects may include trembling, paranoia and involuntary urination. Boo.