Thirty Something Vignette: no.6

It was a Sunday night. They sipped cabernet while music provided soundtrack softly in the background. The conversation flowed from such weighty topics as the terror attacks in Paris to the economic downturn and how local industry needed to diversify. There was one subject she wanted to broach … one that she desperately needed consensus for but could be perceived as controversial. She waited until the timing was just right (not-coincidentally aligning with the initial buzz of inebriation): 

"Do you think Drake is hot?" she asked her friend. 

"Pfft. Of course he's hot. What kind of question is that?"

She explained her confusion and the debate she had entered into a few days prior. She always considered herself to have impeccable taste and standards. The judgement against this was enlightening, but, alas, proved premature. 

"You know, I have an acquaintance that looks just like Drake." her friend stated.