An Uncomfortable Reality

This video has haunted me for days (as it should). It mirrors a different documentary I watched a few weeks ago depicting the same thing. It breaks my heart to think that these majestic creatures – symbols of my homeland, the great north – may be gone this century as a result of the influence of my species. Global warming is not "fake news", it is fact. Anyone denying this is steeped in ignorance. 

I applaud organizations like National Geographic and Sea Legacy that show the uncomfortable realities of the world we live in. It may seem like we are powerless against these vast global changes but we still do hold agency to make small, positive, educated choices in terms of protecting our planet and all its creatures. 

Everyday, think about your impact. 

I highly recommend watching the BBC Earth documentary "The Hunt". The cinematography is unparalleled and it touches on some of the same issues affecting our biospheres as above: