It's only four days into the new year and I already have a feeling 2018 is going to be great. Just today, for instance, I found out there was a credible lead into the rash of thefts in my neighbourhood (of which I was a victim last month). I could attribute this to the natural order of the universe and how karma comes for everyone but I feel there is perhaps another influence to consider. 2018 is no ordinary year. According to the Chinese zodiac, 2018 is the year of the dog! 


Do you have any idea how much good fortune I have built up with doggos over the years? It's huge. HUGE. I realize this bears no influence on anything but I like to believe. I choose to believe. To kick off this year (which officially starts February 17), I would like to honour some unique, loyal good boys (and girls) that I follow on social media. 

Daisy is a happy-go-lucky rescued therapy dog with special needs that brings smiles to everyone she meets while living her best life in Los Angeles. 

Scooty was rescued off the streets of Mexico after being hit by a vehicle. He was fully paralyzed but his adoptive family have provided therapy and fashioned him with a set of wheels that allows him to go on adventures (and get in trouble). 

Riley was found abandoned in a remote canyon in Arizona. I don't know how someone could do that to another living creature. The lack of empathy is jarring. However I do know that his new doggo dad was destined to find him.  


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Zen (little guy) is a rescued pomeranian. Hoshi is an eskimo dog that was born without eyes. The duo works together to navigate the world and beautifully demonstrates the power of friendship and teamwork. 

I really, really love corgis. I've only seen two in real life, so I get my fix via Instagram. This guy (and his sister Amelia) are my faves. 

I follow a number of chihauhuas living the high life in Tokyo. I don't know how this happened. Perhaps it was the result of algorithms revealing my love of Japan and cute dogs. No matter how I came across them, pets in Japan are treated very differently than any other place I've seen. Like, American dogs are spoiled but Japanese dogs take the cake! The photoshoots are insane! This guy in particular reminds me of my Monty. 

After being shunned by potential adopters because of his unusual looks, Picasso found a forever home and has since become a therapy dog.