On New Year's Eve, 2014, I made the decision to boldly live the upcoming year by challenging myself to do things I normally wouldn't. Or couldn't. I dubbed it my "year of adventure" and it has been such. I visited the most heavily militarized border in the world. I climbed a mountain. I've been an active student in learning the ways of the world through my heart, mind and soul. And so, I now feel it needs to end with a bang. 

I often visit to research fares, even if I'm not planning on going anywhere. It's a great distraction; for someone who daydreams as much as I do, this habit offers plenty of inspiration. This particular day, I decided to look into a place that has intrigued me for years but which I've never actively considered because of the astronomical VISA fees associated with visiting it. It was always financially out-of-reach. 

But VISA fees for Canadians were recently lifted. 

And holy shit - there was a fare the week of my birthday (convenient) that wasn't much more than traveling to Eastern Canada. I bought it on the spot and would sort out the details later. Spontaneity is also a trait I've developed and embraced over the past year. Keeps life exciting. 

My best friend visited that evening. As usual, wine flowed as we discussed our careers, men and other nonsense. I told her about my news. About my final destination. She went wide-eyed and instantly proclaimed "Ive always wanted to go there. I'm coming with you!". 

And with that, two BFFs are now preparing for the vacation of a lifetime in Dubai.