I set out a goal in 2015 to live a year of adventure and feel I fared pretty well. So often we get caught up in the motions and minutia of everyday existence – wake up, go to work, return home, vegetate and complain that life is passing one by – without actively trying to improve the situation. I've certainly been caught in that vortex. It's unfortunate that a traumatic life event was the catalyst towards re-evaluating things, as I would have loved for my father to meet the person I am today. But even without this sudden motivation, I still needed a completely uninhibited best friend to keep me committed to the challenge of truly stepping outside my comfort zone. 

It's been exciting.

It's been life-affirming.

My confidence has been raised.

My fear is practically non-existent. 

My entire goal in life, now, is to be as bad-ass as my father was. As he was considerably legend in this regard, it's a grand proclamation. And while it may seem easy to write about personal growth from a position where I can actively entertain it, exacting change doesn't have to be a herculean journey. The most powerful initiative I undertook last year was in simply opening my heart. It was, however, harder than climbing a mountain. 

In 2015, I studied a lot. I learned a lot. I traveled. I explored. I loved deeply. I got hurt deeply. I was empowered. I was vulnerable. It was my year of adventure. 

In 2016, it shall continue. 

Next stop: Dubai.